Corporate video

We produce corporate videos for companies

We carry out all the audiovisual projects related to the promotion and corporate publicity.
We take care of all the phases of the process of recording and editing corporate videos, from the script to the latest digital retouching, in order to make impecable videos for companies, always transmitting in the best way the main idea and a clear and concise message.


Web design

It is not enough to design attractive web pages, you have to design fast web pages, intuitive, easy to find, communicative, that attract and retain visitors and, above all, meet the goals of your company. A good web design is essential for your online marketing strategy to work, a bad web design will ruin your credibility.
In FKM we understand the process of creating a web page for your company as an integral process, which includes everything from web design to complete implementation, developing the technology necessary for the creation of the website.

Web positioning, SEO

FKM works in natural or organic positioning in Google and other search engines. This permanent campaign seeks to position the client’s web page in the top positions of the search engine using keywords or keyword strings.
Our positioning plans for Google and other search engines are divided into the following phases:

  • In-depth analysis of your website and the websites of your competitors at the level of programming, positioning and content.
  • Analysis and study of key words and phrases suggested by the customer and those used by the competition. Choice of the keywords to position in Google based on main keywords and application of long tail.
  • Optimization of the programming code of all your web pages.
  • Visits statistics of your web pages controlled via Google Analytics.
  • Design of the most appropriate Web 2.0 strategy.
  • Registration of your web pages in the main search engines (Google, Bing, etc).
  • Positioning.
  • Subsequent tracing, monitoring and continuously optimizating your web pages.

One of the main points for a successful positioning of a website is a correct programming of the web and its follow-up. This includes multiple technical parameters to take into account in the programming of the web. From a content according to the services offered by the client to the correct implementation of tags or the use of sitemaps in xml specific to Google.
It is also a key to maintain the optimization work permanently to achieve a better positioning. The off-web optimization of the website by the search engines periodically requires the adjustement of the keywords of the web.

TV Spots campaign

We carried out the communication campaign of the Spot on TV.

Television spots

We make low-cost Spots for televisions, both locally and nationally.